What’s Up with MNSHC?

By Jennifer Hahn | September 8, 2020

August is typically an active time for MNSHC with the hustle and bustle of field days and community learning. However, as we  continue to face a global pandemic, more and more events are moving to a more virtual format. MNSHC is no exception; we’ve been busy bringing outreach events live to Facebook in order to […]

Alley Cropping with Perennial Nut Trees

By Kelly Bloedorn | September 8, 2020

Alley cropping with nut trees can add more economic value to a farm while establishing more roots for soil health. This system can add medium-term value with nut harvests while timber can add additional long-term value. In Iowa, Tom Wall of Red Fern Farm farms about 87 acres with just 10 of those acres dedicated […]

Protecting SOil With Rain Gardens

By Kelly Bloedorn | September 8, 2020

Aside from producers, residents can also help to manage stormwater runoff. To do this, consider embellishing landscaping with plants that not only love water, but also can collect and retain lots of stormwater as a result of deep root systems. Rain gardens can exist in a wide  variety of shapes and sizes and typically consist […]

When to Plant? That is the Question.

By Jennifer Hahn | September 8, 2020

Fall is right around the corner and getting planning done now can save you a headache later this year.  There are many options for planting cover crops with timing, species, herbicides, etc but there are some later in the year options that we’ve noticed success on. Flying on or broadcasting covers into corn the middle […]

Using cover crops in your garden

By Kelly Bloedorn | July 25, 2020

Soil health isn’t just for agricultural fields, our home gardens can see improvements while doing our part to benefit our natural resources!  Understanding what covers work well with each crop is important so unwanted consequences don’t happen.  My first year of using oats in my garden proved to not be wise, my tomatoes were not […]

Babe’s Country – July 2020

By Jennifer Hahn | July 25, 2020

Is a clean forest a good forest? Trails to access woodlands to enjoy them, manage, and create fire breaks is a normal and generally low disturbance activity.  Clearing away trees, shrubs, and debris allow the trails to be accessible.  What about the rest of the forest?  Do we look around at it and think it […]

Merch now available!

By Kelly Bloedorn | July 25, 2020

Want to show others how you talk dirty?  Shirts are now available to purchase on our website to talk dirty and get away with it – while providing education about soil health! Head over to our store to check it out. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Eric Stelling: Board Member and Farmer Mentor

By Kelly Bloedorn | July 25, 2020

Eric Stelling (above) I farm with my father and brother in and around Osakis, MN.  We currently operate around 1500 acres consisting of corn, beans, alfalfa, and some small grains. Approximately 160 acres of our operation is certified organic. Three years ago we got out of dairy and now finish feeder cattle. We are in […]

Soil your undies challenge is underway!

By Kelly Bloedorn | July 25, 2020

The Soil Your Undies Challenge is underway, remember to dig up, take a picture, and post on Facebook of how well you soiled your undies for a chance to win a prize and be the reigning soiled undies champion! For any questions or updates on your undies, contact us on Facebook or by email at […]

Soil Health Stories – July 2020

By Kelly Bloedorn | July 25, 2020

Things are different than they were a year ago.  Meetings and field events have been postponed and cancelled, our methods for sharing and learning have adapted.  This is applicable to all things in life; things change and we continue to evolve.  Without are ability to adapt, we would be constantly struggling and not using opportunities […]

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