Conservation Specialist

Closing Date: June 10, 2022
Position Status: Full Time (Independent Contractor)
Term: June 1, 2022– June 1, 2025 (with the opportunity for permanent employment)
Location: Minnesota

The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition is accepting applications for the position of Conservation Specialist. The Soil Health Coalition in Minnesota is producer driven and has a mission to promote the principles of soil health practices. The coalition is led by an elected board, made up of Minnesota agriculture producers across the state. The goal of the coalition is to educate and provide outreach to agriculture producers across the state of Minnesota to improve ecosystem services such as soil health. Soil health has been recognized in Minnesota to provide multiple benefits to the environment, but also to production agriculture. The incumbent will be responsible for aiding the Executive Director along with helping producers in the field with soil health. The position location is negotiable within the state of Minnesota.

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