Soil Monitoring, Could it Become a Thing?

In the land of 10,000 lakes (technically 11,842 lakes), it is obvious why water testing is so critical.  Funds are spent annually to test surface and ground water quality with recommendations, impairment listings, regulations, and laws resulting from these studies.  This testing is imperative to understanding the conditions to keep our citizens and biological communities …

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COVID-19 and Events

Due to the COVID-19 spread, events are being cancelled or postponed. If you are planning on attending an upcoming event, please contact the event organizer to determine if the event is still scheduled. Please follow precautions and best practices to keep yourself, family, and loved ones healthy.

Local Soil Health Groups and Their Importance

What is a local soil health group?  It’s a group of farmers that provide range of support including discussions, sharing experiences, learning with and from each other, bringing in specialist for education, completing testing, doing test plots, working together for obtaining seed and equipment, obtaining funding for projects, and being leaders in their area willing …

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Breaking Wind

Breaking Wind – While Improving Air Quality, Soils, and Diversifying Breaking wind isn’t always a bad thing, it can actually bring a smile to your face!  If you look around and notice snirt (dirty snow), you are seeing one reason to break wind.  During the snowy months we are able to see some of the …

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MN Soil Health Coalition activities

The Minnesota Soil Health Coalition has been busy providing education, mentoring, networking, and logical information to farmers, the general public, and youth.  We are very grateful for our members and partners for participating and support in  accomplishing these objectives!  Because of your support and understanding of the importance of implementing soil health practices, we have been …

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Alley Cropping

Alley Cats or Alley Cropping? We know that alley cats aren’t welcoming, comfortable, or what we’d like to interact with but alley cropping isn’t as rough.  So what is alley cropping?  It’s growing food, forage, or specialty crops between rows of trees and/or shrubs.  You can start with a forested area and clear out land …

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Focus on the Front End and Quit Putting Out Fires

Cleaning drinking water, mitigating flooding, removal of sediment, and installing erosion control structures are some of the activities that receive large amounts of funding to complete.  These activities are a result of multiple sources and we aren’t always treating the causes, we’re mitigating their effects.  Instead of paying on the back end, pay on the …

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