What’s Up with MNSHC?

August is typically an active time for MNSHC with the hustle and bustle of field days and community learning. However, as we  continue to face a global pandemic, more and more events are moving to a more virtual format. MNSHC is no exception; we’ve been busy bringing outreach events live to Facebook in order to …

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Backyard Composting

Do you have a garden in need of nutrients?  Would you like to reduce the amount of waste in your trash and local landfills?  Do you have unwanted leaf and grass clippings?  Consider backyard composting!  A finished product can be achieved in as little as a few weeks using hot composting or using a low …

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Babe’s Country

The soil determines the species composition of forests and also directly correlates to the quality and vigor  and  how it should be managed.  Soils are the source of nutrient, moisture, and biological activity  availability to forest product roots and can have a wide variety of successfully providing for your vegetation.  What’s going on below the …

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Grants Available for Forestry

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative annually offers a grant opportunity to placing a priority on projects which measure, demonstrate, or establish methodologies to demonstrate, the conservation-related values of SFI-certified forestlands, or such values which result from application of the SFI Fiber Sourcing standard. Ideally such projects will be scalable to a regional, or bio-regional scale (e.g., Ponderosa …

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Penciling OUt Profitability

We’re all figuring ways to improve profitability, reducing inputs, increasing efficiency, while still maintaining excellent yields.  A recent study shows that Minnesota Ag Water Quality Certified farms are more profitable than others.  A new report from the Farm Business Management (FBM) program by AgCentric and the Minnesota State Agriculture Centers of Excellence compares data  in the FBM database to …

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